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Grenada Citizenship by Investment Promoted in Guangzhou and Shanghai

Grenada, and its Citizenship by Investment Programme, were at the centre of two immigration and investment conferences convened in the People’s Republic of China in late April and in early May 2016.

The first conference, taking place between 27 and 29 April 2016, was held in the bustling port city of Guangzhou, situated just north of Hong Kong. Titled the 5th Immigration Abroad Agent Congress, the conference was attended by both Chinese and foreign delegates, with the former coming predominantly from Guangzhou and nearby Shenzhen. Grenada’s outstanding performance in processing citizenship by investment applications, as well as its absolute commitment to transparency and integrity were remarked upon.

The second conference, conducted between 9 and 11 May 2016, was held in Shanghai, China’s largest city. Named the International Migration Summit, it emphasized the role of Grenada as one of the newest citizenship by investment programme providers in the Caribbean, and the unique benefits it offers foreign investors.

China and Grenada have a close partnership, something that is reflected in the fact that Grenada is only one of five nations whose citizens can travel to China without needing to apply for a visa. Chinese nationals who choose to invest in Grenada would thus become a part of a legacy of continued friendship and strong international relations. Among other things, a successful investment in Grenada may yield a reputable second citizenship or residence, the opportunity to do business in a nation with growing tourism and construction sectors, and a safe, carefree life in a peaceful Caribbean country.

It should thus come as no surprise that the Chinese audience attending these events responded very positively after hearing about Grenada’s Programme – with many expressing a keen interest even in visiting the nation in the near future.

Jun 02, 2016